Enjoying a Warm Neck


I own a coat, that I like to wear a lot, but it leaves my neck unprotected. I would feel silly running around with a scarf wound around my neck, since right now it is barely below 10 degrees C here. So I decided to knit myself a very short scarf: a neck warmer.

I used my own transitional yarn in fingering weight held double. I used 2 skeins of 2oz each, but I started the second skein not at the beginning. This resulted in a tweed effect, when one of the skeins change colours and the other one does not.

The scarf is started at the long edge and knit from the top down, so to speak. I cast on 80 sts and knit in entrelac over 10 sts for 4 entrelac rows. In the 5th entrelac row I knit leaves at each end. You can find illustrated instructions for entrelac knitting on Knitting Daily.

Leaf pattern:

– pick up 10sts, turn

– purl sts on this row and every following wrong side row

– k4, y/o, k1, y/o, k4, ssk turn

– k5, y/o, k1, y/o, k5, ssk turn

-k6, y/o, k1, y/o, k6, ssk turn

– *ssk, knit until last 3 sts on leaf, k2 tog, ssk turn* repeat until leaf has only 3 sts

– sl1, k2tog, pull slipped stitch over

I used a somewhat unconventional method to preserve the tips on my leaves: When I had only one stitch left, I made a knot into the loop by slipping my yarn balls through the loop and pulling it tight. Then I proceeded as usual and picked up the next 10 sts.

When the last leaf was finished I used a crochet hook and crocheted in slip stitch all around the scarf except for the side with the leaves. At the first corner I left a few stitches unattached to get a loop for a button.

As a final touch I crocheted a little flower and used it as a button. That is not quite convenient, because the flower does not slide easily through the loop, but I like how it looks.

The flower’s cylinder shaped centre is formed with slip stitches as well. At the bottom I added a row of single crochet, increasing every stitch to make a flat circle. The petals are formed with double crochet stitches into the same stitch of the previous row.  In the end I left a long tail, threaded it onto a embroidery needle and used it to pull the petals together and into the centre by making a stitch from the base of the cylinder over the base of the petals and pulling the thread tight.

I used 2 skeins of 2 oz yarn in fingering weight and have 20g ( about 3/4 oz) left.


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