In a few weeks my children will perform A Christmas Carol in their school and a sign-up sheet was handed out in order to find parent helpers.

I looked at it and saw, that they needed help with the costumes. I decided to sign up. I love to help, I can sew, but the question is always, will I be able to get it all done? ( This is where my little “problem” comes in: I always think, I can do it and always underestimate the amount of time it will take…)

On Tuesday I got my assignment. I have to sew 3 velvet capes for the narrators to wear. We have already bought the fabric: 6m each!

I do not have a pattern, but I have one cape I am supposed to copy. It is beautifully done. It consists of 4 panels and has  shoulder shaping. It is gathered around the neck and has a large lined hood. The edge of the hood is decorated with a white feather boa.  

Yesterday I  started to trace the pattern on tissue paper, which I had to glue together, because the cape is so large. When I examined the cape I discovered something weird: All the inner seams are sewn by hand, only the hem and front is machine stitched. Why? I know about the problem of ironing velvet, but not about machine stitching it. Hmmm….

Oh, and I got another call, I was asked, if I could sew curtains for the girls change room. No rush! ( It is time to deal with my “problem”,  isn’t it?) I guess, it could be worse: I could be asked to mend something! 

4 thoughts on “Trepidation

  1. missharleyquinn says:

    I’m the same way about school favors…in the middle of Girl Scout Cookie season (yes, I’m a Brownie leader…the word ‘no’ can not seem to fall from my mouth) I agreed to organize and run a series of monthly bake sales at my kid’s school, starting next week. Why not? I’m only behind on every thing I do, but according to Bill Waterson…”God gives us a certain amount of things in life to accomplish. I’m so far behind I will never die.” Good luck with all the sewing. 🙂

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