I Want One, Too!



I have finished the first cape. It took me 4 1/2 hours. ( I spent 30 minutes of that time struggling with my serger. Apparently I own a model that re-threads itself the wrong way while sewing…Grrrrr!)

As it turned out the pattern consists of only 2 pieces: one for the hood and one for the body. The 4 panels have all the same shape.  The cape is gathered around the neckline, but the hood is fully lined and pleated. So pretty! 

I have to admit I am quite smitten with my cape. I wish it was in fashion. I can see myself wearing it proudly, combining it with a Gandalf-like hat and sturdy lace up boots. I bet, I could accomplish a lot wearing that outfit!

Sadly, it is not mine to keep…. (Considering that my son is already embarrassed by my new off-the-shelf rain boots, that might be a good thing!)

 Now I have two more to sew: one in red and one in blue. And no, I have not started my Christmas baking yet.


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