A Scrooge Hangover

What a week it was! I think I spent more waking hours at the school than at home.

When I signed up for to help with sewing I imagined myself sitting at home in front of my sewing machine. Well, it turned out differently!

Janet, the costume coordinator, told me the week before, she needed me to help to get the kids ready (and finding misplaced hats).  That meant I had to be there for every rehearsal and for both shows.

We had a cast of 15 who played the main parts of the show and then all the classes and the choir who came in to sing a song or two. All in all we had to have about 300 kids in costumes.

And then before the dress rehearsal things went funny for me. I did get another job, which was to help change the gentlemen into thieves in the side wings of the stage. What happened then is still a bit foggy but I ended up in the side wings for the plays directing 300 kids on and off the stage and helping the Scrooges and the 3 Gentlemen with their costume changes. Someone called me “Stage Manager”.

I was way out of my comfort zone! I think I did a good job, but I was terrified. Have I told you, that I had never seen the play completely? There was so little room to get the kids on and off stage, plus there was a danger that the backdrop might fall off, if somebody tucked on it.

And now I have this singular perspective on the play, that I was right there, but I still did not see it! I have heard it was very good…..

We also had a fair share of extra excitement: One girl showed up 5 minutes before the show in her Mom’s wedding gown, that was so big, it just fell off her. ( I fixed that!) We had a cast member who had to leave just before her act, because she got hit on the nose and suffered a major nose-bleed. We had somebody showing up very, very late. 

I have no idea, how people do this on a daily basis! It was a bit too much excitement for me…

But I admire the kids who went on stage and they did such a great job. It made me wonder, what they are going to do when they grow up!

Oh, and the feathers? When one of the narrators took off her blue cape after the show, it was covered in feathers. You just can’t win fighting feathers, I guess!