It Needs Fixin’


As promised I did sit down and seamed my daughter’s sweater. For the sleeves I decided to start seaming on top of the shoulders and then worked my way down the front and the back. This helped to get them in evenly, I think.

When I was done seaming I added some decorations. Around the neck I used a crocheted slip stitch chain. On the bottom of the cables I added buttons and embroidered flower petals around them. On the hem I added a row of single crochet.

My daughter loves her new sweater, but when she put it on, I had to admit, it is too short. ( Uh-em, there were a few moments of “It’s-not-so-bad, is it?” and “Maybe it will stretch?” ) The sleeves are fine.

I have written down my notes carefully, but I have not checked, if my swatch lied or something else (me?) went wrong.

Because of how much the yarn changes after washing I have decided to use my last skein of yarn, cast on the amount of stitches for the back and front and knit a band as long as I can make it. I plan to wash it, seam it and crochet it to the sweater’s hemline. I so hope it will look pretty. I also hope, I have enough yarn. The sweater needs at least an inch, two would be better. Oh, knitting is so exciting!

Happy New Year! Einen guten Rutsch!