This Blog Turns One!

Yes, it has been a year! Thank you all for reading and commenting! It has been a lot of fun for me and I hope, I will keep you entertained (and improve my writing skills along the way….).

Now to the sad part of this post: Didn’t I just write in my last post, that knitting was so exciting? Well, it turns out, it can be very disappointing, too.

Evidence 1: I knit the band for my daughter’s sweater and it looked good. It was about 3 inches long. Before I could attach it, I had to wash and dry it like I did with the sweater. ( I have to stress this point: I treated the swatch, the sweater and the band the SAME.) When I pulled the band out, it was 2 inches too small in width. ( Please insert image of me pulling my hair out, stomping my feet and a bit of cursing.) I will try to “block” it into shape today, but I might not have the courage to try and fail.

Evidence 2: I have been working on a baby hat, that has  sort of a helmet shape. For a baby hat is has been a lot of work, because the shaping is quite complicated. There was only one size given ( the right one for “my” baby), but when I was done, I thought, the hat looked too small. Well, it is! The baby came for a visit yesterday and did not like the tight fitting hat. Me neither! Now I have to rip the whole thing out, reknit it larger and worry about not having enough yarn left. ( The hat is supposed to match the mittens.)

That was too much failure in one day, so I cast on for a hat for my youngest daughter. Yep, I can see it clearly: It will be so big, that it will slide down her nose! Sheesh!