A Non Shopping Trip

On Friday I drove with a friend of mine to Richmond looking for fabric. We have redone our living room and I want to make new curtains. Our goal was Fabricana.

Fabricana used to be my favourite fabric store, but when they closed every store I new about a few years ago I had thought they had gone completely out of business. Not true. 

The store in Richmond is huge and I found many pleasant surprises: They have bamboo fabric (It’s great!),Heather Bailey’s and Kaffe Fassett’s prints. We found wonderful silks and fabric with beads and what not. Their selection of upholstery fabric and such is immense and I am still thinking of that wonderful chocolate brown cotton fabric, that would make a beautiful short coat. (Sigh!)

That is the thing: You wander dreamily through the aisles, touch as much as you can and imagine all the things you could sew, if only…

I ended up not buying anything, because I developed a major headache ( overwhelmed by fabric) so that I did not feel in the best frame of mind to make a decision. But I did  take a sample home.

After that we drove to Steveston and had lunch at the Cannery Café, which I love. Then we had to take a peak into the Wool and Wicker yarn store, which has doubled in size since the last time I visited.  They now own also the store next door and were in the middle of reorganizing everything. I saw a lot of Debbie Bliss yarns and Noro yarns all together, which might indicate that they are no longer going to sort the yarns by colour.

Unfortunately we were out of time and had to rush home to pick up our kids. It was a lot of fun to have a friend with me who enjoys fabrics, yarns, textures and colours as much as I do!