Notes From the Library

As it turns out one cannot have enough backup computers! My computer has not been working  for over a week and I have used my kids’ computer ever since. Last night somebody (who feels very guilt now) turned that one off improperly and now the computer has forgotten how to boot. My IT-Expert aka husband is on a business trip right now, but hopefully he can fix one of them at least soon.

You should have seen me at the dinner table yesterday. Me with my head hanging low and heaving a deep sigh:”Great, I have an on-line business and no computer….” Everyone was very impressed by my misery! Maybe that will work for a bit to prevent future  misbehaviour? (That and a big Hands Off! sign.)

I have been working on my Fair Isle Flower Sock and I am almost done. I have even taken some pictures. It has taken me so long not because it is super complicated and intricate, but because I am too tired to move once I am on the couch these days.

The good thing is that without a computer I have more time do dye and I will be updating the store as soon as I can!