While I Did Not Blog

I thought about blogging, but was a bit uninspired. I did not feel well and decided to spare you the details… On Friday I was much better, which was quite lucky because I had offered my house for a special get-together that day.

The kids of 3 classes at our school need raven-wings for a performance later this year. We had hoped for quite a few helpers to meet in my house and fabricate 70 wings. (These are basically large triangles with hoods attached at the base). Well, it did not quite work out as planned. First of all not enough helpers could make it and then we had a hard time to get the 2 sergers to work. (Apparently I am not  the only one who can’t communicate well with her serger. Although singing seemed to do the trick for a while.)

When I had serged 30 wings my machine made a spectacular noise, broke a needle and called it quits.  I think, something is seriously broken. We still tried to make it work using the sewing machine, but gave up around 4:30 after a whole day of sewing. We were quite disappointed. But we also found out, that it is a lot of  fun to sit on a large table and sew together. I suggested, that we should do this again and sew something for ourselves. Maybe we will walk the beach this summer in matching outfits…

On Sunday we went skiing for the first time this season. We had waited for the perfect weather and perfect it was! In a bit over an hours drive from here we arrived at a ski hill, where you can see the ocean while you ski. Having lived far away from the sea for the majority of my life I find this absolutely amazing. 

For the drive I was well prepared. I had taken the Endless Wrap with me (3 skeins done, one more to go) where it warmed my feet. I just did not feel like knitting. What can I say? If this mood continues the birthday gift due in March is in serious danger… I guess, I should call my friend. She is very good at kicking my b*tt. I just have to ask her and she does not even charge me for it. It is great to have friends, isn’t it?