All Over the Place

I think I need a plan. I have several projects on the go and no real focus. On top of that in a moment of weakness a cold managed to get a hold of me. I am very tired and it is a bit difficult to breathe.  

Spring Break has started and we had planned to go skiing, but have cancelled everything because of my daughter’s accident. Honestly I do not quite know, what to do. She still does not use her right hand at all so our choices of activities are pretty limited.

For my store I need to dye more sock yarn. I have also bought some lace weight mohair and a silk yarn in a light lace weight. Then there is a very challenging custom order I have received, which I am very excited about.

I would like to finish my sweater and I have 4 more things in the works:

  • A shawl kit for a silent auction at our school (yarn, pattern and a bag).
  • In a moment of self indulgence I have bought a silk/wool blend which I have dyed in a wonderful shade of aubergine. It is for this sweater.
  • There is a top (3rd one first row) I want to knit for my oldest daughter. She would also like a matching skirt.
  • My youngest daughter would like me to knit this sweater again, because she has outgrown it. She likes how the stripes wander apart and come together again. So do I!

Let’s go for a walk. Maybe this will help me to get my priorities straight!


5 thoughts on “All Over the Place

  1. walking buddy says:

    A walk?? do you have time?????Maybe I should learn to knit just to give you a hand. Call anytime

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