The Real Me

The other day I went on a field trip with my oldest daughter when I noticed the bag a father was wearing. It looked hand stitched made out of thick rugged leather. It was beautiful and told me something about the owner.

Then I thought about the impression I make. Rarely do I wear something handmade or especially colourful or unusual. My clothes are very generic and often I do not even have some jewellery on.

Once at a party someone pulled at my pant hems  to look at my socks, when I talked about me dyeing sock yarn. He seemed disappointed about my basic black socks.

I think one reason for this is, that most often what I make is for others. Another reason could be, that what I have made for myself is often flawed in some way. I have one sweater that shrank every time I washed it, one that pills even though it is made out of cotton yarn, a sewn blouse that is not that flattering. You get the idea.

So on Sunday I put on my red vest  – and enjoyed it. Did anyone notice?