When we moved into our house we inherited an old metal watering can, that hangs decoratively on the outside of the garden shed. Every spring we watch a brave male Chickadee do his best to make a nice cozy nest in there. It has its points: It is protected from the rain and it has two exits now since the spout came lose.

We watch him work hard for hours and then he invites his lady friend for inspection. Sadly the women have found it always unacceptable so far. And I can understand why. The watering can hangs barely 4 feet off the ground. It is right next to the shed’s door and someone might just come by and take it. But oh, wouldn’t it be nice? I could watch them while having breakfast and I could take a peek in there, when I get a gardening tool.

Maybe I could make it better somehow? I could hang it up higher and offer some roving. But it could be that those Chickadee ladies are just too picky. They did not like the custom built and correctly hung birdhouse either that my kids and I made last year.  Birds these days…