Thick and Thin

My daughter’s teacher owns three Shetland sheep and several spinning wheels. She was very kind to lend me one ( a wheel, not a sheep). It is an old double drive, but she could not tell me who made it.

This is the first yarn I have spun on it. Prior to that I had spun on a spindle and had tried spinning wheels whenever I could get my hands on one, but never longer than for a few minutes. 

I had so much fun spinning this! The fiber is my own hand dyed Merino Top and I just loved watching the colours play. It is very relaxing.

I think I already had a nice rhythm going, but it took me quite a while to figure out, that I had to adjust the tension as the bobbin filled up. That is where the thick stuff happened.

Sadly I have only one bobbin so I have not been able to ply this yarn and of course it is over twisted. I have another 2 oz left of this colour way and I will try my best with it!

 Heather from Craftlit recommended this book for the beginning spinner and I am thinking about getting one, but then I do not own a spinning wheel, do I?