New Project


About 2 months ago I went to a yarn store and saw a pattern book, that  I really liked. Sadly they were out of stock except for the store copy. A few weeks later I went back to the store and asked again for the book. This time they promised to call me as soon as the book was back in store. Nobody called.  

Now I have decided to make the pattern on my own. I want to knit this for my oldest daughter. I am lucky, that I found a T-shirt of hers with a similar neckline and use that as a template. This should work better than running after her with a measuring tape every so often.

The yarn I am using is Louet Euroflax and I am quite happy with it. The colour is called Crabapple and I love it. I struggle with sometimes not catching the whole thread, but I think that is more my fault, because the yarn is actually well twisted. It is also much softer than a hemp yarn I used a few years back, but I still hope, it will get softer in time.

I also hope, I will have it done soon, but I can tell you, that I have already made several mistakes and had to rip back. And when this is done she would like a matching skirt…