Fun Times

On Saturday my oldest daughter had a big birthday party. For the third time in a row she asked for a Rice Crispy Cake with a chocolate filling for her party. I always complain when I have to make it because I so like to bake, instead I stand there fighting the goo.

This time I used 2 springpans instead of regular cake pans and found that a bit easier. The trick is to let it harden enough, but not too much so that the cake remains sticky for decorating.  I decorated it with fruit leather shapes that I cut out with cookie cutters.

She loved it and I promise not to complain when I have to make it again next year – well maybe a little bit.


5 thoughts on “Fun Times

  1. missharleyquinn says:

    I made a less attractive version of this cake, this afternoon for a school BBQ. Yours came out much neater, but I love the idea. With practice mine should look less like a rice crispy lump and more like a cake! Thanks for posting this. 🙂

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