Looks Promising

On Friday I talked to my uncle in Germany and sort of complained about the lack of white asparagus and sour cherries here. He patiently listened to me and suddenly said:” Seems to me that your move to Canada was not such a great idea after all.” Well, if you put it that way…

As to the the cherries he suggested growing my own. Great idea – theoretically! In fact I am the proud owner of three sour cherry trees. The first year I harvested enough cherries to can 3 jars (to make Black Forest Cake with, you know). The following 2 years I harvested about 10 cherries in total of which I tried to make the most off. ( I think I decorated some cupcakes with them. Very pretty!)

So this is where we are today:


Should I hope for the best at this point or use a little brush and help things along or built a glass roof over them? I guess, I have to wait and see!



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