Please Excuse Me While I Mope

We are having a dreadful spring here! It is raining and if it does not rain it is cold and windy.

My youngest daughter has been learning about Medieval times and all that learning was supposed to be applied during a most glorious Medieval Feast yesterday. Well, there was quite a bit of feasting, but there was also a lot of rain.

This was my booth:

I played a wise women curing the kids from bad dreams, sore teeth, upset stomach, fear of Vampire bites and most importantly evil thoughts. (You would be surprised about how many kids admitted to having them.) I had all sorts of remedies: garlic, lavender, dragoon poop, chicken bones, spider eggs, rats’ teeth, fairy dust and devil’s kisses.

The kids were very eager to try all these medicines especially when they discovered, that hiding behind most of these names was ordinary candy. (Well, this one was not so ordinary.) It was a lot of fun and many kids even tried my love potion. ( There was one boy who said he did not need a love potion, because his acting silly attracted enough attention from the girls.)

It has not stopped raining and I still feel cold ( and , admittedly, a bit down)