Was That It?

Winter  never dies. Not as people die. It hangs on in late frost and the smell of autumn in a summer evening, and in the heat it flees to the mountains.

Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith

We had three lovely, warm maybe even hot days and now it is back to the same old rain and darkness. At least my daughter had a chance to wear her new pants:



I have made these with the fabric I bought at the sewing show. The pattern is my own, but I copied the style from a Burda magazine. The pants in the magazine were in natural linen and when I sewed them in the polka dot fabric I thought, they were maybe a bit too silly looking. But when my daughter wears them I find they look very cute and match her personality. 

The appliqued stars were her idea. I think she is getting a kick out of adding her personal touch!



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