Cheese – Dressed Up

Costco sells these small logs of fresh goat’s cheese. When it is quite “young” it is still very soft, but it will harden if you let it sit for a while. For this recipe it is best if your cheese is still soft, because it is stickier. 

Fill a small bowl halfway with thinly sliced chives. You can also add a few terragon leaves. Terragon has a hint of licorice and I like the combination with the chives.

Cut the log in 2 and shape the halfs into disks like thick hamburger patties. Carefully lay the cheese onto the chives, turning it over and coat the whole cheese with the chives. For the second half you could try crushed black pepper or sweet paprika powder.

Put these cheeses on a plate, add some baguette or crackers and you have a great appetizer for your guests.