It Should Not Be This Hard

I have had a few nerve testing weeks: first my daughter injures her finger and then I had a health scare, that kept us in suspense for a while (  I am fine, thank you) and so you think all this other trivial stuff should be easy.

But the truth is that huge piles of endless laundry and winter weather in June can get you down, too. So let’s focus on the positives: 

  • I did get a new oven and it looks and works so well, that we wonder, why we did not buy it sooner
  • I finished my daughter’s sweater
  • I sewed a skirt for her as well of her own design
  • My daughter was ecstatic about her new outfit
  • My new serger came with a nifty chart, that makes it real easy use
  • I have started a baby cardigan and have finished one and a half fronts already
  • I have found the first ripe strawberry in my garden ( It is so precious, I have not yet decided what to do with it)

Here is to having fun despite it all! Happy Monday, everyone!

I will make photos as soon as it is less dark, I promise.


3 thoughts on “It Should Not Be This Hard

  1. missharleyquinn says:

    This has been an odd June so far, in Montana. This evening we have a wonter weather wathc with 2 -5 inches of snow expected. I never thought I would hear these words come from my daughter in June (while living in North America), “Can we go sled riding tomorrow?” Insanity. 🙂

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