Sweet Memories

When I was in first grade I my Christmas present was an actual working mini stove with oven. ( I know, it sounds very dangerous, but remember,  we did not wear seat belts then either.)

 A few years and several moves later I found a new friend in my school who had the same stove and we loved to cook together.

One of our meals was:

  •  Fried Salami ( The salami had exactly the same size as the frying pan.)
  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce ( The sauce came from a cube, you had to dissolve in hot water. I am pretty sure a tomato had never come near it.) 
  • My favourite was the dessert my friend made: Applesauce with whipped cream mixed together and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. You should try it. It is delicious. 

P.s. The weather has not improved. Yesterday it rained so hard, you could have gone skimboarding on the road (if it had not been so cold, that is).