Hello! – Are You Still There?

My apologies for not writing anything lately, but I must admit I find this summer thing a bit difficult. Finally the weather is really nice and there is all the fun not to be missed ( the beach, fireworks, boat rides etc.), but the truth is, that there is also a lot of work to be done. It is even worse, than in normal times. One trip to the beach results in sand everywhere and an extra load of laundry. Well, I am not complaining, just explaining my absence from my blog.

I have also been busy with making Strawberry jam ( yummy!) and ever since I have that new oven I have been baking up a storm ( Somebody stop me, please!) I have made several breads, Pizza, Lasagna, Muffins, cookies, a clafoutis and a few cakes.

One thing that also has brightened my daily routine, is that we now have a weekly menu plan. I fought this idea for quite some time, because who wants to be so organized? Where is the spontaneity and creativity in a menu plan? As it turned out the feeling of doom in not knowing what to make for dinner at 5:30 pm clearly outweighs the feeling of being tied down by a plan.

Besides the advantage of being prepared it also gives everyone the chance to vote for a special dish and an opportunity for negotiations. ( “I take your Risotto on Tuesday, if you eat my Toast Hawaii on Thursday.”) Try is, it’s fun!