Oops! or Real Mindless Knitting!

The baby’s first birthday is on Sunday. I thought I would have the cardigan easily done by then. I had it seamed, had the button band knitted on, then (!) blocked it. I was just trying to find out if I had matching buttons, when I was distracted by the way the fronts looked funny.

One side is longer than the other! As a first aid measure I frogged the button band, hoping that I had cast on too many stitches on one side. But no, one side is larger than the other.

I can’t tell you how stupid I feel. It is also not the first time, that this happened. ( Remember?) I hope, now I will have learned my lesson and stop measuring so sloppily on the go!

OK, I have to fix this – until Sunday! Sigh!( I think I need to lie down now.)