This is Fun

I am knitting the Drop Stitch Scarf using my very own first handspun, that I have spun on a wheel. Clearly it is not very good yarn, because I did not know how to adjust the yarn uptake as the bobbin got fuller and also the wheel needed oil.

But I enjoy knitting with this yarn so much! I love the way the colours change and play with each other. I think the places where the yarn is really fat are cute. There is even one spot, where they really pile up. The pattern is very pretty, too!


The fiber is a very soft superwash Merino top that I have dyed. I have plied the yarn with a cotton sewing thread, which keeps everything together. These are the first 2oz. I was much better spinning the other half and made a regular 2ply out of it. I hope, it will look nice when I combine these.