Uber Fresh

There is something intensely satisfying in digging these golden nuggets out of the soil and then serving them to your family. It does not get any fresher than that. They are so full of moisture that they are hard as rocks. After my success last year I have planted more potatoes than ever: Golden Yukon, Sieglinde and Bintje. Hmmm!

When I was in first Grade I lived on a farm. There was a root cellar which was a scary, dark place where they kept their potatoes. Some of them where as long as a man’s hand. One day the farmer’s wife treated me to a potato dinner with her grand-daughter who was just 1 year older than me. She gave us whole peeled potatoes which had been boiled with the skin on and a jar of salt. My friend took her potato, dipped it into the salt and took a bite. I copied her. It tasted wonderful.  Ever since I love my potatoes with a lot of salt.

2 thoughts on “Uber Fresh

  1. Nikki says:

    There is NOTHING better than digging your own spuds and eating them…. with lots of butter! I did a lot of that when I lived in Ireland, and miss it a lot.

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