Kaffeeklatsch on Thanksgiving

Kaffeeklatsch is the good old German ( Swiss and Austrian as well) tradition of having friends over in the middle of the afternoon for cake and coffee. I love it, because you have all the fun of being together with much less work compared to a dinner invitation. So we keep doing it, inviting our bewildered Canadian  and German friends who find it oh so nice.

This time I was very lucky. When planning this I had not put much thought in how I would decorate the table. I usually do it on special occasions, but this time it had slipped my mind. So I had to find something quickly.

My kids helped out by setting their chestnut creations on the table, then we went for a walk and collected a few colourful leaves.  These looked so nice on the table, that I want to do this again.

Another confession: I have a weakness for cake stands. I find them adorable and very useful on our small table. Unfortunately they do not store well, so that I own only one.  I decided to make my own, by balancing  pretty square plates on wide, low coffee cups. It looked really nice and was only slightly wobbly.

I hope, you all had a great Thanksgiving!

P.s. While winding yarn I just listened to and Old Time Radio Mystery ( You can find them on iTunes.) where a group of ladies met around the “spinning wheel”, which was in this case a roulette wheel. Funny, no?