I guess I am recovering well. I feel pretty good, when I get up in the morning, but after an hour or so I am yearning for the couch. My life  right now feels like a neglected garden, where weeds are sprouting everywhere and the bugs have taken over. Yesterday I found some limp veggies and mouldy yogurt in the fridge. Yuck!

I have been knitting a little bit. My daughter needs a new hat and she picked this one. Before I got sick I looked at a knitted and crocheted (!) hat in a store, that had a thin fleece lining the size of a headband sewn into it. I am thinking about doing this as well. It would eliminate any chance of itching and make it warmer.

I also need to warp my daughter’s loom, which is a bit daunting. Right now I have no patience for finicky things, but she wants to weave a Christmas gift. Maybe I will get an energy boost this afternoon, when we can warp it together.

One positive thing about being sick is that I an indulge in some reading. Right now it is Brisingr. I am a fan!


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