Happy Halloween!


Halloween Poem

by T. S.


It was a dark and stormy night,

that brought with it, a gruesome sight.

A zombie clown,

and an old man from town,

were fighting about this lady.


She could bake irresistible pies,

full of old shoes and fatty dead flies.

The men fought and bled,

over whom she would wed,

when they found out she was eighty.


The clown was wounded with misery,

so he tried some wizardry.

He cast a short spell,

that sent him to hell,

and left the old man by himself.


The man, though, didn’t give,

and thought the woman must be his.

So he enchanted her with words,

when demons came in with swords,

and killed the old man as well.

This poem was written by my son (11) and published here with his permission.