The Same In Blue – Please


This is my oldest daughter, warping her loom and wearing her sister’s hat. The inspiration for the hat came from Coronet, but as always I changed things. Obviously the braid is all wrong  different and instead of doubling the hat I decided to line it with knit fabric.

To do this I traced the the shape of the knitted hat directly on the fabric and cut out 2 dome-shaped halfs, leaving the fabric longer on the bottom. Then I sewed the fabric together using an elastic stitch on my sewing machine. After that I asked my daughter to put on the fabric hat first and then the knitted hat on top to see where I should sew these together. After some trial and error I decided to stitch a seam about 1/4 inch away from the knit edge in order to attach the knit fabric to the hat. When I was done I cut off the seam allowance fairly close to the seam.  

Coronet Lining

The yarn I used is my own hand-dyed Louet Riverstone in worsted weight. It took just a little bit over half a skein. The yarn is soft enough to wear  next to your skin, but I wanted to try lining it after I had seen that in a store. It makes it extra cozy and warm.

Now I have to make one in blue for the model.