Good Hausfrau, Bad Hausfrau


When I was a child I remember a fierce competition going on at this time of the year between my Grandma and her daughters. The subject: Christmas cookies. The question: “How many kinds have you made?” The answer was often a double digit number which I find very impressive.

So far I have made 6 kinds and Stollen. In the picture above is a cookie I am especially pleased with. It is called “Springerle” and is at this moment so rock hard you could break a tooth eating it, if you are not careful. You need two special things to make these cookies and this is the first time, that I had them when I needed them. You need a wooden mold, called “Model” and an unusual rising agent called “Hirschhornsalz”. The other ingredients are simple: egg whites, sugar, lemon zest and flour.

Hmm, I hope they soften until Christmas!