Happy New Year!


On the last day of the year I had a little baking marathon. I made

  • 2 Baguettes ( which turned out a bit rustic crooked looking)
  • 2 Sweet Breads with Anise and Orange zest
  • 1 Brioche a Tete ( in the picture)

All of these have been made using the recipes in the 5 Minute Bread Baking Book with the little changes I have mentioned.

( Something else I have changed is that instead of cornmeal, which adds a foreign flavour in my opinion,  I use semolina. It works just as well and is made of wheat.)

I sort of fell in love with the Brioche. It looked so pretty and tasted amazing.

Yesterday during dinner we talked about the highlights of the year 2008 for each of us. I said that I had never before baked that much!

I wish you all the best for 2009!!! May your yeast rise and your oven be evenly heated ; )