Squeezed in some sewing

Last September I bought some fabric and had big plans about sewing two tops for me. Then I got sick and I never got around to it. Lately I noticed how much I miss sewing and decided not to wait for the “perfect moment” any longer.

I decided to take a day off and pulled out a fabric that I had bought so long ago, that I can’t even remember. It is a beautiful thick, soft, gray cotton twill with a bit of stretch. I made these pants (bottom right), well sort of.

Just because I always have to make things differently I omitted the buttons, but added a fly and zipper ( I just find zippers on the side of pants uncomfortable.) I also added an inch in length.

I have wanted pants with wide legs for quite a while now and I must say I really like the look on me. ( Plus the pants are sooo comfortable.)

I have different sizes in the hip and waist, so I had to make a few adjustments. I used a different pattern that I have drafted myself as comparison and it was pretty easy to make the necessary changes. The pants fit me well, but funny enough they are a bit too high in the front and a bit too low in the back. ( Nothing a good sweater can’t hide and I am still decent when I sit down.) Apparently I was expected to have a flatter derriere and a larger tummy…

I will fix that next time. I have already looked through my stash, but I have not found another suitable fabric. I have to go fabric shopping, I guess…