Productively Challenged

I am itching to cast on for something new and I have remembered these mittens I really would like to make. They would be nice and portable, no?

But alas, I have 2 sweaters that are almost finished. ( And wouldn’t it be grreat if I had 2 new sweaters I could wear?) My top-down sweater is at the first sleeve stage and before I can move ahead, I have to exactly figure out, how long they are supposed to be. Unfortunately I have a history, of hand knitted sweaters with too short sleeves, maybe that explains the hesitation.

But, it is true, as I have just been told again: “Just do it and stop talking about it!”

So, I better follow this advice! Bye for now!

P.s. My new pants are dirt magnets. They came out of the washing machine covered in tissue fuzz and when I finally got them clean again, I dropped a dirty knife on my lap 10 minutes later. Urgh!