All Gone!

This is what I made for Valentine’s Day:

Black Forest CakeIt was delicious! I tried to make fancy chocolate curls, but had not spread the chocolate thin enough. Apparently you have to make it as thin as you can. It was four years ago that I made this cake last and there were unnamed persons at our table who counted pieces…

This time I was lucky to find good canned sour cherries. They came in a real fancy jar and I bought four more of them. The last ones I had came with many pits and with little flavour. I can tell you, it dampens your appetite when you know that one hard bite on an unsuspected pit might result in a lot of pain and a high bill from your dentist.

I also made a couple of “sock banks” ( Sparstruempfe). Apparently that is where Germans used to save their money in and now that banks have become a bit untrustworthy people are coming back to them.

Well, actually that is not quite the reason. At my MIL’s church funds were cut so that they want to hand out “sock banks” that people fill and return as a fundraiser. My MIL asked me to help.

She told me the size and that it had to have a tie at the top and a string at the toe (?) but the rest was up to me. Being freed of all fitting issues I knit for the first time a toe-up sock using these instructions, but with a Magic Cast-on. For the smaller sock I knit a Jo-Jo heel (also called Boomerang Heel). You have to pull really hard to end up without holes.

I enjoyed trying something new, that did not have to fit anyone. It was quite liberating.