I don’t know

A few days ago my god-daughter turned 4 and since I have the slight suspicion her Mom picked me, because she likes handmade things, I felt the urge to deliver. I went out and bought 3 skeins of Mission Falls Cotton and cast on for the Jane Austen Shrug from Mason-Dixon knitting. Now I do not have a picture of the finished piece and the reason is, that it looks like nothing you would recognize lying flat. It also does not look like it would fit a four year old. I held it up and tested the stretch and worried some more. Finally I made up my mind to take out the last row and replace it with a sewn bind-off, which is more elastic.

Then slightly nervous I decided to crochet a matching hat, hoping that if I make two things at least one of them would fit. I wanted something light for summer and because my god-daughter is very stylish I added a small brim. This is what I came up with:

Crochet Hat

After handing over my gifts I still do not know if the shrug fits. She refused to try it on. However for the one second she wore the hat I could tell it fit and looked cute on her. Mission accomplished!