On the sideline

This blog is supposed to be about me being creative and productive and I usually omit anything unpleasant, because I want to focus on the positive. But after blogging so rarely lately I feel I owe you an explanation.

A few years ago I was being told, that I probably had mild Asthma and it was no big deal until it suddenly got worse last year. This winter I have really been struggling with it and I find myself often exhausted and short of breath. As far as I know Asthma is very treatable and manageable, but you have to know the rules of the game and lately I find myself pretty much in the dark.

The good thing about being a couch potato are the treasures I have found. While browsing Youtube I entered the search term “knitting” and found several interesting films by Cat Bordhi. I was so inspired that I cast on for my first Moebius scarf with my handspun yarn. I think part of the magic is that I have no idea if it is going to be wearable or not. It is too scrunched up on the needle to tell…

And since humor is supposed to be the best medicine, I am very happy that my son found out that this little guy can be seen every day on TV at 2:30. Three cheers for Shaun ( and Tivo for recording it)!!!

I hope, you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your patience!

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