Too Sunny For Vampires

The weather here has been simply gorgeous! It snowed last week, but now the sun feels really warm.


I have found an old book with Easter Crafts and the girls and I have been working hard making Easter decorations. Actually the girls have done much more than me. It is interesting to see, how much they can do with just a little inspiration. I hope the Easter bunny appreciates it.

I have finally managed to see the movie Twilight and I am totally hooked again. When I read the series I could not put the books down and my family had to fend for themselves for a while. Right now they are actually filming New Moon here in the area and I can’t go and see it. So close and yet so far. But hey, if they need someone knitting in the background, I could do it!

A few years ago they filmed Deck the Halls just around the corner from our house and it was fascinating how they turned the area into Winterwonderland in the middle of summer. It is magical how they fake so much and yet it looks real on screen.

Deck the Halls Movie Set

I hope, it is nice and sunny where you are!