I can’t dance

My friend told me the other day how much she loves reading my blog especially when something goes wrong. So J, this one is for you.

In our last tap dance practice we had a substitute teacher, a 19 y/o who has been dancing since she could walk and probably been competing every year since she was 5. Talk about intimidating. It also did not help that she chewed her nails and looked absolutely bored while we practiced our performance.

Nevertheless she gave us many tips on how we could look better and taught us a new way to raise our arms. So she starts the music again and we try out the new arms and come to a point, where we stand in one line and raise one arm to the side, the other straight up. As I enthusiastically swing out my arm I slap my fellow dancer behind me right in her face,  on her cheek.

Now I don’t know why this happened, either we were not in line or I turned my arm out too far (clearly!), but I could not help it, I cracked up laughing and went to the side of the stage to recover. Do you know the feeling when you can’t stop laughing even though you really should? Yeah, that is the one!

After a few moments I rejoined the group, we jump, turn and kick – and I kicked the same dancer in the foot! At that moment I almost lost it, as in rolling on the floor loosing it.

I tried to compose myself and finish the dance. It was hard! As soon as it was over I ran to her and apologized ( still laughing). She said she was OK, but made the following request:” Next time slap me on the other cheek, please!”

The competition is just 3 weeks away.

4 thoughts on “I can’t dance

  1. J says:

    Thanks ellen, amusing as usual. remind me to walk a little farther away from u in the future!! HAHA See you monday?

  2. Alpaca Farmgirl says:

    That’s impressive that you dance too! Wow.

    I know that can’t stop the laugh feeling. Nothing is funnier than when you’re a kid in church and you can’t stop laughing. The humor is magnified by 100 just because it’s forbidden to laugh. Good times.

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