It is all about the attitude

Here we go again: I had an Asthma flare-up, felt better, feeling worse now. It is really hard not to become frustrated, but that does not help anyone, does it? What does help is going to the beach, breathing in the salty air. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I just sit on a bench.

When I am on the beach I feel relaxed. There is not much I have to do: just breathe. It is a little vacation. But when I am at home I see all the things I should be doing: the laundry, the garden, the dishwasher. The list seems endless. And then there are also the fun things I miss out on.

But what I can do now is dream about all the projects I want to do some day. In my imagination I have a whole wardrobe full of cute skirts. Or how about a Fedora? And then there is also the fun I have with my handspun yarn. You start with a bag full of fluff and end up with something wearable. I watch it develop and change.

How about crazy carding some leftover yarn, shredded paper and torn fabric strips. Impossible? No, pick up Intertwined and you’ll be amazed about what you can do. Admittedly if you met me you know that I am not an eccentric person, but looking at this book it seems that it is a lot fun making yarn with whatever you can think of. And fun is what I need right now.

Another thing: When I opened the book I found an invitation to a local knitting group. Imagine,  somebody went to the local book store, slipped in a little message for me to find. Isn’t it neat?