Random Thoughts on Being Famous

Yesterday I was at a dance competition and it went really well. I have to admit it is a feeling like no other going from stage-fright to exhilaration within the span of a few minutes. A personal highlight for me was when the audience started to whistle and yell in appreciation. It felt wonderful. I can see that you could get quite addicted to that kind of rush.

But then being famous has its downsides: your loss of privacy for example. A few years ago we were sitting at a restaurant at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Close to us was a young women wearing a hood, a baseball cap and large sunglasses. I kept looking at her thinking she must be someone famous. Sadly, I never found out.

The thing is, a celebrity is only special to you when you know him or her. One day my husband flew from Brazil to the US sitting next to a women who people kept asking for autographs. When the plane had an emergency landing she stood up and in order to soothe everyone’s nerves she started to sing. It turned out she was a famous Brazilian opera singer.

Tonight we are going out. I am going to wear my hoodie, hat and extra large sunglasses. Maybe someone is going to ask for my autograph.


One thought on “Random Thoughts on Being Famous

  1. Alpaca Farmgirl says:

    I guess it would be rough to be famous in some ways. In France after my husband dedicated his D-Day monument, he was the toast of the town. (Of course I wasn’t with him – waa!) He couldn’t buy a meal in Normandy and at the airport, he was “recognized” by tourists who had met him at the monument’s dedication. I tease him that he’s like Johnny Depp, getting recognized at Charles DeGaul airport. lol.

    Normal life is challenging enough, eh? But I would like the staff that comes with being rich…

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