We interrupt the unscheduled hiatus

to give you a photo of a cute little berry thief:

Mr. Squirrel

I hope, it will tie you over and distract you from my serious lack of blogging lately. The truth is I am simply overwhelmed by all that is required for this ending school year. There is also a bit of crafting involved which I will show you once it is finished. The other skill that is called for apparently is baking. Yesterday they were asking for 250 cookies and today 240 for another event. ( My contribution: old, trusty chocolate chip.

Never mind. If you are in need of some cupcakes I can recommend this recipe. Instead of the icing in the recipe I mixed powdered sugar with cream and crowned it with one smarties (or is it smarty, or smartie?) I tested it on a bunch of teenaged girls and my own kids. They all approved. There were only very small crumbs left.

Well, thank you for your understanding and I apologize in advance for any hysterical laughter or sudden tears that I might burst out with in the near future.