The way I design my yarns

When I design a yarn I start with how I want the colours to appear in a knitted sock. To avoid pooling I rewind the skein I get into very long skeins before I dye them. Then I apply the colours in a way that one colour is dominant with intermittent lengths of different colours in between. These are examples of how a variegated yarn looks like knitted up ( Photos are either my own or used with permission):

Pigs In MudKaleidoscope

River Country

I also dye striped socks, where I reskein the yarn into even longer skeins so you get clearly defined stripes in a knitted sock:

Pink Zebra

Fun in the Sun

Another design I have created are transitional yarns. These are dyed in 5 or 7 wide bands that change from one colour to the next.

Non Fat Latte

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