Too Much of a Good Thing?

In recent years we have turned our front yard into a mini orchard. There are 6 small apple trees and one sour cherry tree. We have Spartans and another kind whose name I don’t know. This year we had an amazingly large harvest. At first we picked the Spartans and were astonished how flawless the apples were. Then we picked the other kind and found out that the local wildlife prefers the bright red apples by far. I ended up with a large basket of apples that needed to be worked with right away and 4 and a half crates of apples which can be stored a while.

After surveying the bounty I bought an apple peel-core-slice thingy and I am glad I did, because it is very fast and turns the apples into pretty spirals.

So far I have made

  • 5 batches of apple sauce
  • 4 different kind of apple cakes and pies
  • 2 kinds of apple strudel
  • 3 batches of candy apples
  • caramel apples (new recipe!)
  • apple jelly
  • apple crisp
  • apple pancakes
  • baked bagels with apples and cheese
  • apples with Dulce de Leche

and I have given apples away to friends. There are still four crates full of apples left!

Also, now that it is October it means the quinces are ripe…

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