How I Made Bleeding Vampire Cupcakes

Bleeding Vampire Cupcakes

I found the idea here and used this recipe for the Vanilla Cupcakes. ( Note to self: Next time fill the baking cups only halfway.) The blood on the inside and top was Raspberry Jelly mixed with Raspberry Syrup to make it more liquid. I used this recipe for the icing.

I made them for a Halloween party my kids were invited to where they were supposed to bring a treat. I was a bit disappointed when they came back with half of the cupcakes leftover, but then I realized I should have made a mini version. A kid standing in front of a table filled with sweats  usually wants to try as many different things as he or she can. A large cupcake was probably too much to take on. Well, we live and learn ( and enjoyed the leftovers.)

Happy Halloween!

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