I Love My New Hat!

After showing you my latest handspun yarn I suddenly realized what the perfect project for it would be: Urchin.  Putting all other projects aside I cast on right away. My yarn is a bit thinner than what the pattern called for so I cast on 30sts for the largest size. I had a lot of fun knitting it: watching the colours change and how interestingly the hat is shaped.

I finished seaming it 10 minutes we were supposed to leave for dinner and I put it on. My kids did not like it at all. They were trying to tell me this in a nice way, which made me laugh. So I decided to freak my kids out a bit and wear the hat in public. Gasp! ( My husband supported me saying that he liked it.)

The heat is a pleasure to wear. It is warm, cozy and does not scratch. When I spun the yarn I thought it was a bit scratchy, but it is not. And the hat makes me feel good. I just love to have a pretty hat that I completely made from scratch, undeyd fibre that is.

I showed it to my friend the other day and she said:”It looks great and you can push all your dreadlocks in there!” Which is so good advice since I have just as many dreadlocks as a vegan has leather shoes! ( Do I have to tell you, that it looked fantastic on her? She has this cute pixie style hair cut…)

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