The Apron is Done

I finally managed to turn the small pile of pretty fabrics into an apron. I had a lot of fun sewing it. I have not sewn anything so elaborate in quite some time. The pattern is called Lorelei from the book A is for Apron.

For some reason the book does not offer real size patterns that you can cut out or trace, instead the patterns are printed onto the last pages of the book and it tells you how many times you have to re-size it using a large photo copier. In this case it was 400%. I chose the old fashioned method. Using a pencil and a ruler I drew a 1/4 inch grid onto the pattern. Then I took a tracing cloth that is printed with dots at 1 inch intervals and marked the corresponding dots on it. Every 1/4 inch in the book would be 1 inch in the life sized pattern. Admittedly it is a little bit tedious, but it would have taken quite some time to drive to a copy shop and it is expensive, too.

As an added bonus I found the tracing cloth great to work with because it sticks to the fabric, so cutting out the pattern pieces was very easy.

The fabrics I used are called Bubblegum Basics by Barbara Jones.  I made these changes to the pattern:

  • I lined the apron with a white cotton to make it a bit sturdier
  • I made my own bias binding
  • I did not use rick-rack, but cut a strip of the red fabric, folded it in half and stitched over it with a blind hem stitch to give it some picots.

I really like the style and fit of the apron, but if I make it again I would turn the top of the bib into a curve. In the pattern it forms a point, which makes it stand away from your chest. All in all I am very happy with hit and I just found out this morning the recipient likes it, too.

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  1. cissy says:

    This pattern is now available:Simplicity 2492. Another one from that same book is Simplicity 2390. Child sizes are available for Mom & daughter sets. I used an overhead projector to get the pattern blowup in the beginning. The printed patterns are so much easier!

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