Another Apron: Kaleidoscope

This apron is also from the book A is for Apron, but I have made many changes to it. Before you start you should check out the errata posted on the publisher’s website. You can find the complete pattern and instructions there for this apron. For me it still did not quite work out. So what did I change?

– The Apron is too wide if you use quilting fabric. I briefly considered having a seam in the middle, but decided instead to make the apron about 2 inches narrower.

– I “lined” the apron using the same fabric on the back

– Instead of traditional pin-tucks I used a narrow twin needle on the waistband

– The instructions about the hem did not make much sense to me, so I made up my own version

– The waistband did not match the apron even taking into account that I made my apron narrower, so my waistband ended up not being as wide as it was intended.

Again I had a lot of fun sewing this apron. It is nice when you can do some fancy work and not have to worry about it not fitting!

This is another birthday gift so I should mail it as soon as possible.

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