Major Project: Modern Quilt Wrap

I liked this pattern the moment I saw it and when a friend of mine asked me if I could dye the yarn for it I decided I would make one for me as well. The yarn is a mohair blend from Louet.

I have now a quarter done and I am quite surprised that I have so much already. It takes me about one TV show for one of the large squares and a bit longer to make 4 small ones. So I need to watch quite a bit TV until this is finished ; )

It is a fun project especially since I have never knit mitered squares before. To keep the 9 skeins of yarn organized I bought a nylon shower puff, took it apart and cut it into smaller sections. I tied a knot into one end and filled each little mesh bag with a yarn cake. It works really well.

You can find the pattern here for free.


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