Mushroom Cupcakes for an Og Party

My daughter has read the book The Secret World of Og in school and today they are having an Og party. They are dressed in green, wearing masks and decorated the whole classroom with Og houses. Apparently Ogs like to eat mushrooms with rabbit sauce and so my daughter asked me to make mushroom cupcakes with chocolate drizzle.

My daughter and I discussed for quite a while how we would achieve that shape until I suggested we could try to make the cupcakes overflow. So I stirred up a batch of vanilla batter and filled the liners up to the top. Then we watched them bake, worried about the tops all running together, but it worked.

The icing is just powdered sugar mixed with cream and for the dots I added red food colouring ( and a bit yellow and green).

Yesterday my daughter worried a bit about the cupcakes not having enough flavour ( She wanted plain vanilla) and was glad that we added the chocolate. So maybe these cupcakes are not very exciting when it comes to taste, but they look cute! Happy Og day!