Munching on Chocolate Crunchies

R. this one is for you.

Last weekend my son was invited to a party. I asked him if he wanted to bring something to eat thinking along the lines of a bag of chips. To my surprise he asked for Chocolate Crunchies. So that’s what we made.

Here is the recipe:

500g semi-sweet chocolate
20g coconut oil
100g shredded coconut (unsweetened)
170g cornflakes
1 tsp vanilla extract or 1 package vanilla sugar

In a large bowl mix the cornflakes, coconut and vanilla sugar. Cover your countertop or a table with wax paper or baking parchment. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave ( here are detailed instructions), add the coconut oil and the vanilla extract (if using). The next step is best done with two people. One drizzles the melted chocolate over the cornflake mix while someone else slowly stirs the cornflakes. Do this carefully so the cornflakes are not crushed. When all the cornflakes are covered with chocolate drop them by the teaspoon full onto the wax paper. Let them set. Makes about 60.

If you don’t own a scale, Ikea has them real cheap!